The Right to Security


The safety of my assets and my information is critical. I have the right to expect that my adviser will use their utmost efforts to protect my privacy, the integrity of my information, and the value of my assets. At all times, I must have the ability to access my assets and move them to another adviser without experiencing adverse consequences.


  1. Data Integrity: My data is accurate, secure, fully backed-up, and transferable to a location of my choice.
  2. Privacy: My personal and financial information is confidential, secure, and managed to a high standard, and I can have it destroyed or returned to me at any time.
  3. Asset Protection: I know where my assets are held, and  my adviser has implemented rigorous financial and operational controls on my behalf.  He or she makes confirming reports and documentation available to me as requested.
  4. Mobility: I have the ability to switch advisers without losing data, unnecessary time, money, or other assets.
  5. Control: I have the ability to invest, access, prevent judicial or goverment actions and report on my own assets. 


Key Questions

  1. What happens to my assets in a crisis? Who has access to my private data and when do they have it?
  2. How will implementation of FACTA affect my on shore assets in your off shore fund? (scheduled implementation 1/2014) 
  3. What policies do you have around external orders over my account. 



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