The Right to Mastery

My adviser must clearly communicate his or her capabilities and credentials. My adviser must strive at all times to carry out their work accurately and in an organized manner, keeping solutions as simple as possible but no simpler, with accuracy and precision, and he or she must remain flexible, willing to absorb and react thoughtfully to new information and ideas.


  1. Active Adviser: My adviser is well qualified, intellectually rigorous, and honest.
  2. Credentials: My adviser carries out the work required to keep all credentials current and valid and to communicate immediately if any credentials lapse or otherwise become invalid.
  3. Accuracy, Organization, and Precision: Adequate management systems are in place, and everyone who handles my accounts takes pains to get things right without cutting corners or relying on me to remind them what has been agreed to.
  4. Professional Development – My adviser strives to remain current with news, trends, regulations, and other material developments that affect my accounts.
  5. Flexibility: My adviser truly listens and is willing to change their mind based upon new information.


Key Questions


1.  Do you deliver on what you say you will do and do you truly understand the tools that you use to serve my needs? 

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