The Right to Collaboration

My adviser must be aware of other advisers’ expertise, meet with me and them at least annually and proactively seek their counsel (with my permission) when doing so may affect the advice they give me. My adviser collaborates with me in their work process and educates me and my family while being open to being educated by us.


  1. Collaboration With Me: My adviser keeps me involved, unless I explicitly ask not to be, in the management of my assets and accounts.
  2. Collaboration With My Other Advisers: My adviser meets with my other advisers (attorneys, accountants, investment managers, and other service providers) at least annually or within the limits I explicitly specify.
  3. Big Picture: My adviser strives to understand the larger context surrounding my family so they can provide better service and advice over the long term.
  4. Anticipation: My adviser strives to understand and anticipate my family’s future asset management plans.
  5. Education: My adviser understands that teaching me and my family is an important part of their job.
  6. Appreciation: My adviser values the intellectual and social capital that we bring to the relationship and regards our relationship as a collaboration from which we both learn and grow.


Key Questions


1.  Do you take responsibility to ensure an overall effective solution across all relevant advisors serving my family? 


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