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The Obligation to be Honest

I will be honest and follow the law. I will take responsibility for the decisions I have made. I agree to compensate my adviser fairly and to honor our agreement.

  1. Compliance: I agree to uphold the letter and spirit of all laws, regulations, and ethical guidelines.
  2. Responsibility: I agree to acknowledge and take responsibility for decisions made by me or, via discretion, on my behalf.
  3. Truthfulness: I agree to clearly and fully state the facts on all material items and to be honest with my adviser as to the reasons for my decisions if I choose to disclose them.
  4. Compensation: I agree to compensate my adviser fairly and to honor all agreements with my adviser.
  5. Scope of Work: I agree to acknowledge and offer additional compensation to my adviser if I increase the scope of their work.


Key Questions


1.  In what ways do we as an office and a family report information?  How will that hinder a trusted advisor from fully serving us? 

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