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The Obligation to Trust


I will build trust with my adviser and will grant him the confidence and information necessary to do the job I expect. That adviser will also have my frank and honest feedback about my satisfaction.


  1. Adequate Information: I will provide at least as much information as is required for my adviser to accomplish his/her job.
  2. Willingness to Trust:  I will build trust with my adviser and will grant him the trust necessary to do the job I expect.
  3. Satisfaction: I will make it clear to my adviser when I am feeling well served and when I am feeling poorly served.
  4. Communication: I will keep lines of communication open so that my adviser and I can continue to improve upon our working relationship.


Key Questions


1.  Have I built a culture of confidence and trust building that would ensure my family would know a person in whom they should put their confidence if they came along? 

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