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War Stories

This is the place where we share our stories that have brought us to collaborate on these rights and obligations in the hopes that other families will not have to suffer as we did.




  • How trustees have mismanaged our affairs.
  • How fiduciaries like RIAs, attorneys and accountants have put their own interests before our own.
  • How we have been given difficult documents that said one thing but were orally told another, tot he detriment of our family.
  • What structures or processes we have put in place that we wished we had done any long time ago, and what we wished we have never implemented or tried. 
  • Pro and cons of technology solutions we have implemented.  
  • What we have learned about the culture, internal policies, standard legal contracts, pricing, key findings of previous diligence, willingness to negotiate, successful tactics in a dispute or other information relevant to dealing with that service provider.


Here's a little message for our Nobel Prize Winning Naysayer Bill Sharpe: 




Add comments below or edit this list to make more suggestions of stories we should all hear.



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